Why oils are the better choice over lotions...

Our skin is our largest organ, nearly 70% of what we put on it is absorbed into the bloodstream, so it’s important to take bodycare just as seriously as we do the skin on our faces. For many of us, bodycare goes as far as slathering on some lotion when we happen to think about it, and it’s even rarer that we take the time to find out whether lotion is actually the best way to moisturize. If your skin is healthy, your tattoos will have a longer life and look brighter and fade less over time.
A question we are often asked is, ‘Are body oils better than lotions’? Both can do the work of moisturizing skin, but lotions are full of toxins and tend to sit on the surface of the skin, body oils go the extra mile. If you’ve been considering a clean swap, choosing a body oil over a lotion is one of the best decisions you can make. Why? To put it very simply, our bodies are literally contained by our skin, and what you put on your body goes into your body.

Oil protects your skin

Because oil is natural from nature and does not contain water or fillers, it is able to seal good ingredients in, and keep the bad ones out! Free radicals like pollution, the sun, and exposure to pesticides, among others, can lead to premature aging and damage on the outer surface of the skin. When you switch to an oil, which protects skin starting from the inside out, pesky outside stressors have a more difficult time doing damage to your body’s surface. Sesame oil is particularly helpful in shielding from free radicals and daily wear and tear, and can help reverse issues like dullness, premature wrinkles, and discoloration on the skin. Kiwiglow body & tattoo oils have a natural SPF protection of 15 to protect from UV rays.

If you're ready to make the switch, make sure you choose a truly natural body oil like kiwi glow that contains beneficial essential oils that ensure your skin is receiving all of the good-for-you ingredients body oil has to offer! Visit now.

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