This product is amazing, I noticed a massive difference to my skin texture within three days of applying kiwi glow. I have not used any other product for over two years and would recommend this product to babies right through to the elderly.This has been life changing for me, it even soothes sun burnt skin! (As I experienced recently). Once you have tried kiwi glow you will never use another artificial product on the market again and its’ true it has been made with ‘love’ you can feel that once you have applied this nourishing skin food. I would give this product 100 stars if I could. It is affordable and simple, which is a change in this busy world we live in. Give it a go and watch your skin become soft and glow like a new born. LOVE LOVE LOVE kiwi glow!

— Michelle

As someone who is very fussy about what I put on my skin, kiwi glow blew me away. It goes on so smooth and is absorbed fast. I use it all over my body right after I shower and find that a little bit goes a long way. The fact that it is organic gives me confidence in its safety and longevity :) My skin has never felt softer or younger. The subtle fragrance is mesmerizing and people often comment on how good I smell even without putting any scent on.

I have recently had a baby and have found that kiwi glow is gentle enough to apply on his delicate skin without irritation. This oil is suitable for the whole family to use and is worth every cent.

Will never use anything else on my skin except this wonderful oil – kiwi glow. Give it a try and am sure that you will find the same results.

— Beatrice, Australia

kiwi glow is fabulous! I received a bottle as a gift over a year ago and was told that it nourishes and detoxifies naturally. I didn’t think anything that was all natural could be as good as what I had been using, but now I laugh at my own naïveté because I have come to realize that this product is not just a little bit better than what I had previously used, it is significantly better! It even faded the large freckles on my hands and face, my “liver spots,” to the point where they are barely visible. I hadn’t known it was possible for them to ever disappear.

kiwi glow has made my skin softer, and somehow enables me to be out in the sun for longer durations. My very-white skin, without any suntan protection, now tolerates the sun without burning for much longer time spans. Oh, I love that!

— Susan

I am kiwi glow’s biggest fan! I have been using Verde for over a year. It’s the only thing that I will put on my skin. As an overall body moisturizer, it truly moisturizes my skin. Two drops on my hand is all it takes as a face and neck moisturizer. Any excess left on my hands gets put on the ends of my hair. It has replaced all my other organic skin moisturizers. Don’t be fooled by what appears to be too much oil on your skin. Within seconds it penetrates the skin and leaves a healthy glow. I would not be without kiwi glow!

— Shauna, Salisbury, MA

Hi, I just had to email you. I have very light skin and it is hard for me to tan. Your kiwi glow oil is amazing, I use it after being in the sun and for the first time in my life. I do not peel and I actually have a great even tan. Thank you.

— Dierdra, Fort Lauderdale, FL

I have been using your oil for over a month, I’m hooked. I will never use anything else. My skin actually looks younger! I can’t believe an oil is not greasy! Do you have any other scents?

— Michelle, FL

I work outside all day in Florida so I am subject to a lot of sunburn. A friend gave me some kiwi glow oil a few weeks ago. What a difference it has made to my skin and face, it seems to take the burn and redness out. Best of all, I don’t break out. I also like the scent of the oil, it’s subtle. I would recommend it.

— Kevin, Panhandle, FL

After using your daily skin oil for only a few days, I actually saw a change in the texture and softness of my skin. I feel silky all over. I have read about the benefits of sesame oil as a body rub but had no idea a moisturizer existed. It is so nice to know it’s organic and completely natural. I just love it and use it everyday. Thank you!!!

— Jillian, FL

I am a massage therapist, I love using kiwi glow for massage. It absorbs so quickly and isn’t oily. It is the best I have found. My clients always comment on how good their skin feels after my treatments. Can I buy it in bulk?

— Jeremy, FL

I am here to tell you about one of the best skincare products I have used and I would recommend to anyone who likes to spoil their skin with nothing but natural goodness. Since becoming a mother, I have used kiwi glow and have noticed it has reduced my stretch-marks and given life back to my skin. Here are six reasons that I started using kiwi glow two and a half years ago. I have never looked back.

* It has absolutely no chemicals or harmful ingredients only the goodness of the earth
* Sensitive enough for newborns and all ages
* Heals reduces and soothes nappy rash
* Helps remove cradle cap with the itchiness
* Soothes breastfeeding nipples and can be used on all areas of the body
* It smells good

I could not be happier than I am, with this product. Thanks kiwi glow

— Rhea Kreegher, Wellington New Zealand.

I just wanted to share my experience with this wonderful product. I started using Kiwi Glow about 3 months ago and cannot believe the difference in my skin texture and the softness it has produced. What an amazing product. The only way I can convince people to start using the oil is by letting them touch the skin on my arms, it is now back to been as soft as a babies. I would recommend this product to any one, I can’t wait to see what my skin is going to feel and look like in a year. Keep up the good work Kiwi Glow and I will continue to buy.

— Mitch, Qld, Australia




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  • tattoo aftercare oil, Tattoo aftercare, tattoo balm, tattoo brightener, Tattoo Care Moisturizer, tat

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